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Site Design Changes


Civil Engineering Designs, Drawings, Contract, Specifications, are never perfect as they are all written by peoples who had been involved in the past with the works or the problems and issues. But not every problems and issues can be identified and accounted for. There are so many uncertainties in civil engneering works that only 70% of everything can be accounted for on paper with good imagination, while the balance 30% is a matter for site designs, site variations or changes. Civil engineering construction is a three dimensional problem. Unlike mathematics where 1+1=2, civil engineering is about personal best "estimations".

It has been said that not two engineers would come up with the same designs given the same problems, and it equally true that no two sites are the same and no two construction works from the same drawing details will be the same even done by the same contractor. Such is the variations between what is On-Paper from what is On-Site, that making Site Design Changes are the norm in civil engineering construction works.


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Re: …………………………………………..

We wish to request for your Urgent Approval-In-Principle for us to use 1200mm diameter bored piles to replace the 600mm diameter piles.

Our proposal will include the following :-

1. All bored piles works will be carried out by ...... which is our specialist bored pile sub-contractor. The works are thus performed under capable personnel and equipments.

2. If required by you, we can engage our own Professional Engineer to prepare the necessary design calculations and drawings replacements at our own costs and to certify all our works. In this regard, we can also pay for the costs for your Consultants to check & validate our design calculations and drawings.

3. Variation orders of additions and deductions would apply as inaccordance to the standard contract rates and if unavailable, to be based on marker practice/rates currently available.

The proposed change from 600mm to 1200mm are for the following reasons :-

  • 1 list...
  • 2
  • 3

Your Urgent Approval so we can prepare the necessary calculations, drawings to be submitted to you and your consultants for design approval.

Once Approval-In-Principle is given to us, our Sub-Contractor will be able to mobilize the necessary equipments and make preparatory works on site.

Your Urgent Attention & Approval


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