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Our Services

We provide extensive Technical Resources for Engineers & CAD Operators looking for :-

Engineering Calculations and Worked Examples
Typical Engineering Drawings and Details
Training and Tutorials for Engineers & CAD Operators

We also provide Online Design Services for Individuals and Companies seeking Engineering Designers & CAD Operators.

We provide Designs, Drawings, Costing for:-

* Building Structures

  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Commercial Complexes, Shops, Flats, Houses
  • Multi-Storey Building Structures
  • Prestressed Structures
  • Steel Structures & Frames

* Civil & Structural Works, Infrastructure

  • Roads & Highways
  • Bridges
  • Drainage, Sewerage & Treatment Plants
  • Water Supply & Treatment Plants
  • Solid Wastes & Sanitary Landfills
  • Ports, harbours, airports
  • Jetties & Wharfs
  • Land Reclamation
  • Rivers & Flood Diversions

* Geotechnical & Soil Engineering

  • Soil Investigations & Analysis
  • Foundations, Large Diamater Piles, Micro Piles, Soil Stabilisation
  • Embankments designs, Slope and Stability.
  • Deep wells & excavations
  • Hill Slopes

* Construction Services

  • Construction Management
  • Costing & Feasibility Studies
  • Tender, Contract & Specifications.
  • QA/QC Specifications.

* Expert Engineer Services

We also provide Expert Consultants, Construction Expert Witness, Engineer Expert Witness for all cases of Contract & Construction Disputes, Failure or Defects in Buildings & Stuctures, Earth Slopes Failure. Services include :-

  • Earth Slope Failure
  • Buildings Inspection
  • Bridges Inspection
  • Failure Analysis & Stability Checks
  • Certification & Inspection of Works
  • Independent Consultants Services
  • Independent Engineer Services
  • Independent Reviews

Specialised Projects :-

Our particular experience include some specialised projects :-

  • Medium Density Fiberboard Plants
  • Plywood, Veneer & Furniture Factories
  • Food Processing, Packaging and Bottling Plants
  • Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • MSW Sanitary Landfills & Leachate Treatment Plants
  • Waste Recovery, Gas Extraction & Power, Landfills Cover Plans
  • Oil & Gas Structures
  • Chemical Plants & Structures.
  • Solar power, renewal energy & conservation.

To obtain our quotations or simply just enquires for services & products please Contact Us or Email directly to us anytime without obligations.

We can also provide Free Concept Designs for your project at no obligations. We are keen to hear from you on anything related to our expertise & logisics.

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 Calculations & Worked Examples for Design of Drainage System.

 Drainage Calcs

 Calculations for Design of Water Reticulation System

 Water Supply

 Calculations for Design of Circular RC Water Tanks

RC Water Tanks



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