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All purchase of products from our websites in whatever forms shall be subjected to the following Sales Terms & Conditions :-

Copyright "mecEngineers"

Copyright of all products purchased from us which have the symbol/words of "mecEngineers" shall remain with us. No resale or re-package for resale is permitted. All MEC Products will have the "mecEngineers" symbol/words.

All materials purchased from us having the above symbol/words shall only be for your personal & company use and shall not be offered for resale, in any manners or forms nor circulated to other parties except only if it is related strictly to your own works. Resale is strictly prohibited.

Special conditions for use of "mecEngineers" products will be separately specified for each product directly, such as licence for use of certain softwares.

Refunds Policy

Refunds whether partial or full and within whatever duration, will be given only if specified as a condition for sale & purchase of any specific products or services. If in doubt always contact us via Support Tickets, or the contacts given in that specific Sales Page.

Refunds will not be given for the following purchases :-

  1. For Registered, Affiliate & Company Membership subscriptions. Upon end of the subscription year, members will be notified whether he/she wishes to continue subscription, and if not, his/her memberships will be transferred to Free Member. Re-register and upgrade is possible at any time, at whatever prevailing rates then. 
  2. For Purchase of Engineering Calculations, MEC Tutorials, MEC Ebooks, MEC Manuals, MEC Data, etc, directly from our website, which have the "mecEngineers" symbol/words.
  3. Where refund is not stated in the Sales Page or offer. If in doubt always contact us via Support Tickets, or the contacts given in that specific Sales Page.

Purchase of any products or services from others websites, through our affiliate links will be subjected to their own sales & purchase & refund policies. You are advised to check out their Terms and Conditions before making the purchase from others websites. If in doubt always contact them or us via Support Tickets, or the contacts given in that specific Sales Page.


All enquiries by emails will be entertained. Support by emails, for any products and services purchased directly from us will be as specified in the individual Sales Page. MEC Products purchased directly from our website is given a 12 month full technical support

Accuracy & Liability

Every efforts had been made to ensure the quality and accuracy of all calculations, tutorials, data, manuals, materials, softwares, etc, purchased from us, including free materials, postings in our forums or help files, however, we will not be responsible for any errors, misuse, misinterpretation by any users. It shall be the sole responsibilities of each purchaser or user to verify for himself the accuracy and correctness of the materials purchased from us or obtained from or through our websites.

Members Credibility

We do not vet through the educational, professional capability, skills, experience or credibility of every one of our members in engineering & technical fields, and as such all users of our websites shall be at users own judgement and risks.

However those members who wish to be "verified" by us will be required to submit documentary evidence of educational & professional works, and interviewed by our panel, and afterwhich their Membership will have the "verified" logo. They will be posted as Senior Member Lists, and will be invited to be Moderators and offerred Professional Freelancing Works.

  Last Updated: 09 June 2011 , MEC Engineers


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 Calculations & Worked Examples for Design of Drainage System.

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 Calculations for Design of Water Reticulation System

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 Calculations for Design of Circular RC Water Tanks

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