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Seek Solutions to your Engineering Problems,
Let our panel of engineers assist.

If you have any engineering problems and issues which you are facing now in your work, feel free to post your problems to us and we will provide possible solutions. We do not guarantee that we are able to solve every engineering problems but we will be able to provide some insights based on our own working experience and the experience of our panel members.

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Please enter the details and click submit. We will review your problems and issues and provide response within 48 hours latest.
Some Examples on describing Problems & Issues :-
  1. After a heavy rain, the foundation pit is flooded with water, and we have to concrete the pile cap immediately. How to do concreting in water? Should we pump out the water first and let the surrounding soil be dried up?
  2. I want to use a good software for anaysis and design of a 10 storey reinforced office building. Can you recommend what's available. Can I rely on the software to be correct and accurate?
  3. I am designing a steel tower for power cable pylons. Can you advise the procedures, codes and bylaw applicable?
  4. I am preparing engineering plans for submissions to local authorities for approval. Do you know the requirements?
  5. How do I calculate temperature movement in concrete slab subjected to rain, and sun. Is this to be separated from shrinkage due to hydration? 
  6. How do I prepare an engineering calculation for an Urban Drainage Project?
  7. What is the best CAD software to learn and do you have tutorials and courses?
  8. I am a contractor and I have been charged LAD despite my objection. How do I deal with this? The LAD is eating into my profits, shall I engage a lawyer?

Anything and any problems in engineering, career, jobs, restrictions
All welcomed, Free Service.



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