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Orion Structural Design Software

A reinforced concrete structural software with analysis, design and drawings bundled into one integrated system.


Orion Structural Software is very good for multi-storey building design as the floors are repetitive and modelling of one floor can be repeated to many storeys.

Imagine the speed of modelling, loadings, analysis and designs for such repetitive structures, and most importantly, for output of Drawings, Building Quantiies and Costs.  

Orion Structural Software is an ideal structural software for those involved extensively in the design of reinforced Concrete Building Structures. It has 2D/3D modelling environment from which automatic analysis, design and drafting is provided for the engineer.

Orion is perfect for any size concrete building project and caters for a wide range of concrete structural systems. The design engineer will input everything into the software from modelling to loadings, analysis, codes used, and output drawing requirements.

Multiple tender schemes can be assessed in a fraction of the time taken by conventional software. Once the project is secure, detailed design and drafting time is dramatically reduced. Project changes are handled automatically by simply amending the central model or loading. Orion updates the rest, enabling your company to provide a responsive service to demanding clients.

Detailed calculations, material quantities, structural layout plans, beam and slab elevations and column schedules are all produced automatically from one central model.

Cons - the software is pricy and thus not many Firms will have it. The learning curve is steep, and unless you do it everyday, and guided by experienced user, you would not easily remember how to do it the next time around. Only handle reinforced concrete structures, does not do steel members. In the hands of inexperienced or junior engineers can poise dangers as with all intergrated softwares.

Pros - a good software for the experienced structural engineer in reinforced concrete as you can model everything on one platform, even complex structures. Fast, accurate and efficient software. Even automate drawings output will save on drafting costs. Basically a one-man software.

Our Recommendations - Orion Structural Software is recommended for very experienced Structural Engineers specialised in Reinforced Concrete Buildings and Structures. Recommended to buy for personal use so you can obtain full technical support from the software vendor CSC (UK) Ltd, which also produce a suite of related softwares, TEEDS, FASTRAK, BREVe3, S-FRAME.
We will provide several tutorials and worked examples on how to use the Oion Software. You can check out the software vendors website for more details : CSC Orion Reinforced Concrete Analysis & Design Software.

Are you looking for Orion Software Tutorial?,  "How to design a Shophouse, a Double-Storey Residential House, A Workshop, or a Multi-Storey Building?  Contact Us for tutorials, courses and training.

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