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Malaysian Standard Method of Measurement for Civil Engineering Works, MyCESMM

Finally after many years of waiting, the Malaysian Standard Method of Measurement for Civil Engineering Works, MyCESMM, is being launched.

For those who are familiar with the British Standards Method of Measurements, then this is the Malaysian Versions.

What is this? For those who had been preparing Contract Documents, Bills of Quantities, Schedules of Works and Specifications, the hardest part is getting "standards". It's a headache and an intense experience in itself, not once but every time. Every clients and employers, and needless to say every consulting engineer will have their own standards so much so that there is really "no standard". It's really a flat playing field where you do as you please so to speak. If you are a contractor, it's a nightmare as every contract document, some think some think, some comes in volumes, and inside arranged in any order which I can describe in one word a "mess". Imagine a contractor having 3 weeks to prepare and submit a tender bid?

The Standard Method of Measurement is a "Standard" which is to be used over and over again for the same type of works, and it's a standard for everyone, thus there will be no confusion and waste of valuable time and resources. The "standard" here refers to consistency in categories of works, descriptions, specifications, units of measurement, billing, arrangements. The only items which varies in the standard would be the "Quantities" and the "Rates" which are the two really important parts of the Contract which interests all parties and which affects the Tender Bidding.

The Classifications are categorised as follows :-

  1. Class A - General Items
  2. Class B - Environmental Protection & Enhancement
  3. Class C - Traffic Management & Control
  4. Class D - Site Investigation Works
  5. Class E - Demolition & Site Clearance
  6. Class F - Earthworks
  7. Class G - Geotechnical Works
  8. Class H - Piling Works
  9. Class I - Concrete Works
  10. Class J - Brickwork, Blockwork & Masonry
  11. Class K - Timber Works
  12. Class L - Metal Works
  13. Class M - Building Works
  14. Class N - Painting Works
  15. Class O - Pipeworks
  16. Class P - Drainage Works
  17. Class Q - Roads & Pavings
  18. Class R - Tunneling Works
  19. Class S - Rail Tracks
  20. Class T - Miscellaneous

The lists are by no means comprehensive or exhaustive as Civil Engineering is a very wide subject. You can always add your own categories where the Class above are insufficient, however the format and methodologies should be adopted, and clearly documented as Not part of MyCESMM.

For those who are preparing Tender & Contract Documents, getting yourselves familiar with these Standards will go a long way towards making your work much easier. The same applies to Contractors as now we can claim to be on the same level playing field - Employers - Consultants - Contractors alike. Also the Government of Malaysia is expected to implement the use of MyCESMM in the near future for standardizing the methods of measurement for all civil engineering works in the public sectors, thus affecting everyone in the construction industry.

We will be releasing more articles on Costing & Competitive Biddings in future, geared towards Construction Engineers and Contractors, using both MyCESMM Methods,  Software and Databases. 

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Author- Philip Goh (B.Sc, MIEM, P.Eng. MICE, C.Eng)
MEC Engineers, Civil & Structural Engineer
HP: 016-8672189, Email:   




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Authur- Philip Goh (B.Sc, MIEM, P.Eng. MICE, C.Eng) MEC Engineers, Civil & Structural Engineer HP: 016-8672189, Email: Widget: email cloaker