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How to Uninstall MeeGo and Install Windows 7


I just bought a new laptop for RM950/- without any Windows pre-installed. Actually it comes with Linux which is a free operating system. On booting up it preload MeeGo which is a nice free Software running on Linux. MeeGo has all the usual stuff such as documents, spreadsheets, emails, networks, etc, and is good for those who "hates" windows, or just prefer something simple.

However I need more complex software running on Windows platform. In particular I need Win 7 professional edition as this version can run older XP type software.

Installing Win 7 is not as straight forward. Putting the Win 7 installation disk into the DVD Drive does not boot the software, but rather gives some kinds of error only computer geeks understands. There are several ways to install Win 7.

The hard way is to download a Linux Operating System called Ubuntu, burn it on a CD and run Ubuntu as "Trial" to delete all the partitions in the Hard disk running MeeGo. Only after this can you insert your Win 7 installer and boot from there. This can get very confusing for non geeks.

The easy way is to check with the Laptop Manual on how to "restore to factory default". For my Acer Aspire 4349, I need to press ALT + F10. Once this is done the Laptop will automatically delete everything and be back to "empty". After this, insert your Win 7 installer and boot from there.

Once Win 7 booted up, the first thing you need to do is to DELETE the "PARTITIONS". Then using Win 7 again you need to select the UNPARTITIONED SECTOR" and 'FORMAT'. Windows can only be installed after format the disk sector.

To Install Win 7, just follow the On Screen Instructions.

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