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Most Structural Engineering Software are very expensive and only large companies with sizable projects can afford to buy and train their engineers. There are however some Free Structural Analysis Software which are educational version and can be used to carry out simple structural analysis. This is better than carrying out complex hand calculation from first principle, which are time consuming and error prone

Some software vendors do offer 30 days trial but these are not useful as after 30 days either the software freezes or the results are questionable and thus cannot be reliable. Nothing can be said about illegal or cracked engineering software, except that they are good only for reviews, but should never be used for actual works. as their input and output are questionable; better to download a 30 days trial and functional copy and then buy if suitable for you.

For simple Structural Analysis of Beams, Trusses, the Free Educational Version can be used.

Check out RISA! Below is a link to their free RISA-2D educational version. This program is easy to use, lightweight, and is meant for educational purposes and can do analysis of beams, columns or small frames. It does not provide any designs or code checks which can be done separately.

If you are a practicing engineer, then we recommend the RISA-2D Demo Version, which has full design capability valid for 30 days.

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