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We based in Malaysia and we provide Expert Engineer and Expert Consultants services for Building, Civil Infrastructure & Structural Works.

Cracks & Defects in Houses & Building Structures

Do you have defects or cracks in the building floors or walls, car porch, roof beams, floor slabs or columns? Do you see your boundary brick wall fence cracks, tilting, or sinking or worst collapse? Do you also see your house concrete drains crack with gaping holes? And worst, if your ground floor slabs sink, or wrap and bend and you can see gaps and openings at the concrete aprons? Or simply your new roof starts leaking during rain and ceiling all damaged?

Below are Pictures of common Building Cracks forming.. 

 Cracks In Building Wall

 Opening Gaps In Floor Apron

 Line Crack in Wall

 Crack in Floor Apron Slab

If you have the above building problems then chances are that your building is intact, and the surrounding ground has sunk or settled. It can also mean that the building or some parts of it had not been inadequately designed for, or sometimes, there are external works such as heavy piling & construction activities nearby causing ground vibration and your building foundations to sink !  In short, it is difficult to say for sure just by looking at pictures, so you would need to engage an expert engineer to give you some assurance that the building is safe or that damages are just visual problems, and easily rectified.

So what can you do? For a start, just take a few photographs of the cracks, and of coast the surrounding areas, outside your buildings, and take notes of what had occurred around your building within the last 12 months, such as some new buildings and construction works nearby, new drains opened up, new roads being constructed, or you had simply done a new extension work. Contact Us directly to us and our Panel of Expert Engineer and Expert Consultants will have a look at it and give you a free advice or refer you to a Free Consultation with any of our Panel of Expert Consultants locally.

What can be done? You can either ignore the minor defects until it becomes worrying or carry out minor repairs yourself or ask any local Contractors. In many cases if the defects and cracks are caused by external parties, then you may need to file for claims and get expert consultants such as Structural Engineers to evaluate the problems professionally and be your engineer expert witness in filing any court suit. In most cases the engineering expert witness may even negotiate an out-of-court settlement and get the parties responsible to do rectification and remedial works for you for free, or pay you some compensation. If the defects are due to long term issues then proper rectification works can be carried out to prevent the problems becoming bigger, leading to danger of collapse or just unsafe to live in.

Who is an Expert Engineer ?

An expert engineer is usually a qualified civil structural engineer in Consulting or Private Practice, with at least 15 years of experience in the design and construction of buildings, structures or infrastructure works. He will be a registered & licensed or professional engineer and usually act also as Consultants in his professional career. He will be able to analyze and assess the nature of damage, prepare reports, calculations, carry out field tests, ground investigations, and will be able to say for certainty the causes of damage. He will also be able to advise on the cause of actions such as recommendations for rectification works and costs involved, and whether a third party could be responsible.  You will need to engage his services for a fee. He could later become your engineering expert witness in any damage civil suit you may take against the third party responsible.

Where can you find an Expert Engineer? You can just ask around amonst friends, contractors, builders, for a local consulting Architect or Engineer or visit the Local Council's Office and ask for a list of local consultants or engineer experts, or simply look into the phone directories or make a google search for "Consultants, Engineer or Expert Engineer", and pick a local firm or person. Talk to several, and seek their fees for a technical review, and choose one that can work with you.

You can always Contact Us or Email Us directly and we will be pleased to look at your problems for free, and perhaps can even recommend a local list of expert engineers.

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Authur- Philip Goh (B.Sc, MIEM, P.Eng. MICE, C.Eng)
MEC Engineers, Civil & Structural Engineer
HP: 016-8672189, Email:   




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Authur- Philip Goh (B.Sc, MIEM, P.Eng. MICE, C.Eng) MEC Engineers, Civil & Structural Engineer HP: 016-8672189, Email: Widget: email cloaker