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Software for Engineers & CAD Operators

In this section, we will review several popular and quality software especially for Engineers and provide insights on their uses, tutorials and worked examples. Some are Engineering Softwares while some are Office Productivity, Management & General Softwares which are recommended and used by us.

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  1. Important Tips about Using Engineering Softwares
    Warning - Using Engineering software to design and even produce drawings are well and good if you are an experienced engineer and is very familiar with the use of the software. You must also had been trained properly and must be in direct contact under maintenance from the software technical department. Read on..
  2. Free Structural Analysis Softwares | Free Engineering Software
    Free Structural Analysis Software, Educational Version is very useful for training and even carrying out actual structural analysis. You can download this Free Software for Analysis on forces in Beams, Columns, Frames, Trusses.
  3. Adapt Structural Design Software
    These are well established structural design software developed in the US for the design of concrete structures. There are basically two distinct groups consisting of building design sofware modules and bridge design software modules, with both normal reinforced concrete and pre-stressed & post-tensioned capabilities.... read more..
  4. AutoCAD & Autodesk Softwares
    An industry standard CAD softwares for the building, engineering, architectural and construction industry, used extensively by almost every cad engineer and cad draughtsman. We will review all popular Autodesk products which are used extensively, and provide insights on tutorials and training modules.
  5. Orion Structural Software | CSC Reinforced Concrete Analysis & Design Software
    Orion Structural Software is powerful reinforced concrete analysis, design and drawing software based on 2D and 3D modelling. It uses graphical 2D/3D input of structural forms, modelling and input of materials and loadings and the software will generate forces and calculate all rebars for the whole structure, beams, slabs, colimns, walls, etc. It is ideally suited for repetitive structural forms such as multi-storey buildings.
  6. Copy your Old PC to your New PC
    One sure way to copy your Old PC into your New PC is by using a proven Software. PC Mover is the ONLY software that moves programs, files, and settings from your old PC to your new PC. Simply install PCmover on both your Old and New computers and go!!, and everything from softwares to pictures, videos, facebooks, to bookmarks, passwords etc.. will be moved to your new PC in no time... more

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