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Construction Management, Project Management, Site Management for Civil Engineers

Every Contract and Construction Project will require effective & efficient Construction Management, Project Management & Site Management, without which the chances of smooth implementation and completion of works will be doubtful.

What is Construction Management, Project Management, Site Management? They are basically the same and can be collectively lumped under the category of Project Management.

Site Management

This is the work of the Contractor who is carrying out the daily construction or field works. A Good Site Management would involve at least One Site Manager who is usually a Civil Engineer conversant with the site works and construction methods and procedures.

This work would consist of

  • Keeping Daily Activity Records such as Manpower, Machinery, Work Progress, Weather Records, Visitors
  • Review and update work Program Charts, identify weaknesses.
  • Carry out Planned Activity on site, and ensure compliance with Tasks Milestone
  • Identify problems, record and bring to attention of the Project Manager
  • Preparing Working Drawings, Review Drawings
  • Prepare Materials & Stocks Order
  • Plan for tomorrow and future work activity.
  • Conduct daily Site Meeting between all site staff and sub contractors.
  • Supervision, handling coordination works, interfacing works, liaise with all parties.

Tools to use include : MS Excel, MS Projects, MS Words, AutoCAD.

Construction Management

This works is by the Contractor, who is responsible to ensure that his construction works are carried out properly. The task is usually assigned to a Construction Manager who is an experienced Civil Engineer with many years of construction & contract experience and able to deal with all parties adequately. For small projects, it is common to have the Site Manager and Construction Manager as one qualified person.

The Construction Manager will oversea the works of the Site Manager. On top of that he will usually handle the following main issues :-

  • Contractual matters between Contractor, Employers, & Sub-Contractors
  • Selection of materials, products, vendors, suppliers, sub-contractors
  • Payment Claims, Costing, Purchasing
  • Meetings with Employers and Clients
  • Writing letters, progress reports, prepare monthly reports

Tools to use include : MS Excel, MS Projects, MS Words, Power-Point

Project Management

This is the overall responsibility of a Project Manager for the works. In small projects, only one person takes the role of all above. The Project Manager is usually a Civil Engineer with the authority to make final decision on site and pertaining to the contract. He will handle all financial matters related to the Project and will have the final say in everything on the Contractor side. 

He has to be conversant in contract law, construction specifications, contract procedures, construction methods, and able to work with Clients, Employers, Government & Local Authorities.

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