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Internet Privacy

When using public computers in the library, internet cafe, etc, or where others can have access to your personal computers, or even if you use your laptop in public wifi, it is important that you protect you privacy from hackers. Identity thief, credit card thief, data thief are very common and very real, it's just that you don't know about it. Ever wonder why you receive so many spam emails? If you ever do virus scanning, you will or sure detect hundreds of spy wares, cookies, viruses, Trojans, etc, some harmless while others sit quietly, stealing all your private data, passwords, credit cards information, etc. If you use a Free Virus Software or an Illegal Copy, chances are you will not detect any true and dangerous viruses and Trojans, so getting a Licensed Copy which are updated properly is the best thing you can do to protect yourself.

To protect your privacy from hackers, viruses, Trojans, spy wares, you can do any of the following :-

Protect Privacy in Browsers

Internet browsers such as Googlies & Internet Explorer are most commonly used. These are all semi open systems, which means that Software Developers can easily write short programs to run within the browsers. Googlies is famous for this. This simply means hackers can also write add-on programs running in the background, stealing your every data, without you knowing it !

Therefore it is important that you clear all your private data and sites visited so that hackers would not be able to steal your private data. As an example, if you access your facebook, twitter, emails, chat, banking accounts, or even just to log into your files, etc, hackers can easily install a program which can log your key strokes, passwords, and even what sites you visit. Surely these will be used to their advantage as and when they want. In short... do your utmost to protect your privacy if you are using a Computer in any environment, whether an office network, a public domain or the internet. Remember this - Nothing is private anymore once you use a computer, you cannot run away from it but you can minimise damage to yourself, your loved ones and protect the innocent, your kids

Internet browsers like Googlies and Internet Explorer will keep cookies and save private data passwords etc on you computer hard disk. To prevent others from accessing your passwords, or sites you have visited, you can do the following :-

Open Googlies:

"Click"... TOOLS-->CLEAR PRIVATE DATA....."Checked ALL".... and Click CLEAR PRIVATE DADA NOW.

"Click"... TOOLS --->OPTIONS--->PRIVACY tab---> Unchecked ALL HISTORY, Unchecked COOKIES.... CHECKED ALWAYS CLEAR MY PRIVATE DATA WHEN I CLOSE FIREFOX... "Click" SETTINGS...."Checked ALL"..... "still under" PRIVATE DATA.... "click tab" CLEAR NOW

Internet Explorer:



Format Hard Disk

If you find that your computer is getting slower and slower or behave strange or windows keep reporting errors, and no matter what you tweet around simply doesnt work anymore, it all means that the viruses, Trojans, spywares are already embedded deep inside your hard disk. They are unmovable, cannot be erased or killed, even if you install a licensed virus software. This is the time when you can either change and buy a new hardisk, or simply reformat the hardisk and reinstall fresh all the software and files.

Hardisk will last a long time if you do not abuse and rough handling the computer. As a general guide, for heavy users, harddisk should be changed every 3 years, and for light users, 5 years, and for those does not have any important data stored, just use the hardisk, with regular reformat, until it stopped working before buying a new one. Spare harddisk can be used for computers which do not store important data, or for those where storage and software are all based on Internet Online

Clear Private Data

If you are using Windows XP to clear private data do this :-



EXCEPTIONS tab..."checked those" PROGRAM AND SERVICES you want. If not sure, just "unchecked ALL or better still" DELETE "all" 

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