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Concrete Box Culverts, Details & Piling Changes 

 Concret Box Culverts, Piling Details

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Download Box Culvert Drawing


Download Box Culvert Plan Layout

  • 150mm X 150mm RC Piles OK
  • 1500mm cts in direction of culvert flow, start from 150mm from culvert  edge approx
  • 2 piles per row 1500 cts OK
  • Put Piles directly under culvert walls or within the 45 degrees load spread.
  • Piles driven to set at about 4 inch/last 10 blows, if cannot set, stop and inform MEC the blows/ft,  Also keep piling log details counter signed by BDA Site Staff.
  • Maximum depth 2 lengths (6m length piles max=2x6=12m) or set whichever comes first. If ground is very soft based on site judgement, then stop and inform MEC immediately for review. Send driving logs, could be soft mud, silts, peat, sink holes or pockets.
  • Rev 1 - Top Slab, Bot Slab, T16-250c/c to have end L-hooks as shown, 300mm

Issued 27/Jan 2011, MEC Engineers, "Changes for Piling from Timber belian to RC piles".

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