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ADAPT Structural Design Software

What is Adapt Structural Design software?

These are well established structural software developed in the US for the design of concrete structures. There are basically two distinct groups consisting of building design sofware modules and bridge design software modules. Some of its' important features perhaps would be the use of prestressed and post-tensioning in the beam, slab, & section design modules, unlike other concrete design software which only use normally reinforced concrete.

Building ConstructionBridge Construction

The structural design modules intergrate the input and output process, similar to most software nowadays as follows:-

  • Import Data --> Model Structure Form --> Anaysis/Design --> Output Drawings

The "Import Data" feature for Geometry & Loading can be taken from other drawing software such as AutoCAD, Revit Structure and Etabs. This is a very important feature, as you can obtained exact data file e.g. from AutoCAD, modify slightly to suit Adapt, and import correctly into Adapt software, thereby saving time & ensure accuracy, compared to having to enter data manually. Also, structural form is much easier, if drawn in autocad or any cad with dxf export capability, rather than entered as input coordinates. Some of the input software from architects would be in true 3D, so if the structural software accepts 3D, then the work of data input for structural forms would be much easier and accurate. We will cover Data Input aspects in future articles for members.

The Adapt Structural Software Suite consist of the following Modules:-

  • ADAPT-PT equivalent frame method for post-tensioned beams and floor systems
  • ADAPT-RC equivalent frame method for normal reinforced (RC) beams and floor systems
    • Builder/Modeler for 3D graphical generation of structural model
    • Builder/Floor Pro for 3D finite element analysis, design of entire floor systems
    • Builder/MAT for 3D finite element analysis and design of mat (raft) foundations
    • Builder/SOG for ground supported foundation slabs on expansive, compressible soil
  • ADAPT-ABI for segmentally constructed bridge and building frames
  • ADAPT-PULT is to design and analyze pre-tensioned and post-tensioned sections
  • ADAPT-FELT is for calculating elongations, friction, stress loss in prestressing tendons.

Concrete Floor Design

As you can see above, there are perhaps too many modules and can be confusing and daunting having to learn all of them, whihc is NOT necessary. As practicing engineers, it is recommended that you learn One design/anaysis/drawing software thoroughly while having familiarity with several others so you will have a broad understanding of software used by many Engineering Companies worldwide. This would be advantages for future job seekers and would enhance your CV and value as a design, CAD engineer. Check out our Tutorial Sections or Contact Us for details.

Perhaps one can consider seriously using ADAPT software if you have Concrete Buildings & Bridges involving Prestressed & Post-Tensioning works. Do note that most of these software are very pricy for most engineering firms, but they do come in modular form which can be purchased separately, to suit your current requirements. You can always start with just one module "Adapt-RC" for normal RC concrete building design and then add-on the pre & post tensioning modules as and when such works are encountered, which rarely occurs except for large spans structures and bridges.

As a caution to young practicing engineers, over reliance of structural software for structural analysis, and structural design, would not be good unless you first have a thorough understanding of Structural Forms & Concepts. The output from a software would look "perfect" even if you had input the wrong data, and unless you are experienced or have an eye for structural forms, you will not be able to pick out the errors. Check out our Structural Form Module.

We will later provide some insights, tutorials and worked examples into the use of Adapt Structural Software in future articles, so your understanding of the Software capabilities would be enhanced.

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